Located in the serene city of Travelers Rest, South Carolina, Howze Mortuary stands as a lamp of compassion and professionalism in the burial service assiduity. For decades, this esteemed establishment has been serving families with empathy, respect, and unwavering fidelity, furnishing solace and support during times of loss and grief.

A heritage of Compassion

Established with a commitment to excellence and a deep sense of duty towards the community, Howze Mortuary has come synonymous with compassion, integrity, and professionalism. The educated staff understands the significance of every detail, icing that each service is substantiated to reflect the unique life and heritage of the departed.

Services Offered

Howze Mortuary offers a comprehensive range of burial and honorary services, including

1.  Traditional Funeral Services

recognizing customs and traditions while furnishing comfort and support to grieving families.

2.  Cremation Services

Furnishing compassionate care and guidance throughout the cremation process, with options for substantiated memorialization.

3. Pre-Planning Services

Aiding individualities and families in makingpre-arrangements, easing the burden on loved bones
during delicate times.

4. Grief Support

Offering coffers and comforting to help individualities navigate the trip of grief and mending.

5. stagers Services

furnishing technical services to recognize the offerings of stagers, including backing with military honors and benefits.

Our Commitment to Excellence 

At Howze Mortuary, excellence isn’t just a thing it’s a standard that guides everything we do. From our strictly maintained installations to our compassionate staff, every aspect of our operation is designed to exceed the prospects of the families we serve. We understand that each family is unique, and we’re devoted to furnishing substantiated care and attention to every detail, icing that each service is a meaningful homage to a life well- lived. For more information visit aasantravel.


1. What should I do if a death occurs in my family?

Contact Howze Mortuary incontinently, and our compassionate staff will guide you through the process with care and perceptivity.

2. Can I makepre-arrangements for my own burial?

Yes, Howze Mortuary offerspre-planning services to help individualities make arrangements according to their wishes, relieving their loved bones

of the burden during a delicate time.

3. What options are available for memorialization after cremation?

Howze Mortuary offers a variety of options for substantiated memorialization, including charnel selection, honorary services, and scattering or burial of cremated remains.

4.  Do you offer support for grieving families?

Yes, Howze Mortuary provides grief support services, including comforting and coffers to help individualities and families navigate the trip of grief and mending.

5. Are stagers entitled to special burial benefits?

Yes, Howze Mortuary offers technical services for stagers, including backing with military honors, burial benefits, and VA paperwork.

In times of loss and anguish, Howze Mortuary stands as a pillar of strength, offering compassionate care, substantiated service, and unwavering support to the families of Travelers Rest and beyond. With a heritage erected on integrity, respect, and quality, we’re recognized to serve our community during life’s most grueling moments.